Welcome to the Ms. Afro Penny blog! I began blogging about my journey to eliminate $130,000.00 of student loan debt on July 4, 2019, as AfroPenny, on a blog entitled Debt End Date. Two years later, I have paid off $31,633.43 of student loan debt and saved $5,000.00 in an emergency fund, on $50,000.00 income. Whether you are a new reader, or have been reading since the beginning, I hope you will continue to follow my journey and possibly share yours with me.

P.S. My blog name has nothing to do with an interest in courtesy titles or honorifics, and everything to do with my love for Janet, excuse me, Ms. Jackson. Please feel free to call me Afro Penny or just AP (I feel terrible every time someone writes a comment and actually takes the time to write out Ms. Afro Penny. I guess I should have been a bit more pithy with my blog title.

Latest from the Blog

Gig Income Report (Earned through 10/15/21): $618.84

For the week ending 10/15/21, I worked two (2) shifts for a total of 17.51 hours, and earned $618.84, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $400.00. I KNOW! This was the most lucrative gig week ever thanks to a shift that paid $30.00/hour and a $150.00 cash tip from the same event (which […]

Gig Income Report (Earned through 10/08/21): $0.00

For the week ending 10/08/21, I worked one (0) shift for a total of 0.00 hours, and earned $0.00, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $0.00. This post is just to keep me honest. However, the embarrassment of this goose egg did force me to hustle, resulting in my best paid gig EVER. […]

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