My debt has an end date, but this blog no longer does. Maybe.

Originally entitled, “This debt, and this blog, has an end date.” Published July 4, 2019 on Debt End Date.

It’s July 4th and I’m starting a blog about debt (because like many Americans, I have the day off from work), so I will try to refrain from corny jokes about declaring my independence from debt. Instead, I will use this first post to explain the title of the blog (I promise, the “Who am I” and “How I got here” posts will come soon…perhaps later today. Perhaps).

During my time in debt, and I have been in debt for some time, I have followed many personal finance blogs focused on debt repayment. Many of these bloggers use their blog as a means of earning additional income to put towards their debt; although, some don’t. Something that I have noticed, which is common to many of these blogs, is that many bloggers continue to blog even after their debt is paid off. The content of their blog slowly evolving to cover topics like savings, minimalism, being frugal, etc. This is not one of those blogs. This blog, like my debt, has an end date.

UPDATED August 7, 2020

A year into blogging and my perspective has changed a bit. I find blogging about my personal finances to be (financial) anxiety relieving. I can post here and obsess over my repayment plans with little fear of censure and I don’t have to annoy my friends or family…or unnecessarily embarrass myself. My debt still has an end date, but my blog no longer does. Maybe.

4 thoughts on “My debt has an end date, but this blog no longer does. Maybe.

  1. A year late in commenting but I just want to let you know I’m cheering you on in your debt payoff journey. I’ve actually been following your journey since pretty much the beginning before you updated to this new website. I even remembered reading this post before the update (and am super happy you’ve decided to continue your blog even after you pay off your debt). For some reason I could never post a comment on your old site 😦 so I’ve just been a silent lurker. Good luck in paying off your debt and looking forward to seeing your progress!

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