Who am I?

Let me try to be as succinct, and comprehensive, as possible. You need less my wishes, dreams, and hopes for the future, and more of the aspects of my identity that have possibly led me to be in this place with debt. So…

As of July 4, 2019, I am a 33 year old African American woman. While I grew up middle class, my parents grew up poor, and worked very hard, and sacrificed, to give me every opportunity they could. I was a first generation college student and attended a very good private school in the north eastern portion of the United States (more on that later). While I needed to take on some debt for my education, I didn’t need to take on nearly as much as I did. And, unlike some students who have debt as a result of predatory lending or for-profit educational institutions, I have no one else to blame for my debt beyond my own initial ignorance and later stupidity (again, more on that later).

I currently live in a city in the southeastern portion of the United States (I know it seems unnecessary, and perhaps unwise, to be this specific, however, not all of my readers may be from the U.S. and I spent years abroad). The cost of living is relatively low in this state, although high in this city, but I think I have found ways to make it affordable (yes, yes, more on that later).

I am presently single and without children. While this family status means that I don’t have a second income to help support my debt repayment, it also means that I can make cuts and sacrifices in my budget without consulting or impacting anyone else.

Over time, I will perhaps add to this post as I think of more salient information. However, for now, I think you have what you need.

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