August 2019 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

Each month, on the first of the month, I will post an update of my student loan balances. This will help me track my progress (or lack thereof) on my student loans. I apologize that this post did not happen on the first of this month; all of the transitions have kept me pretty busy and I just got internet in my apartment. Game changer.


August Student Loan Balance(s): -$132,084.30

July Student Loan Balance(s): -$133,259.74

This is a difference of $1,175.44, which is less than the minimum payments of $1,342.73 because interest still sucks (more on that later).

My plan is to keep these post super short unless there is something significant to discuss. That is not the case here so until next time…

2 thoughts on “August 2019 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

  1. Hey, at least the balance DID go down. I realize that might seem small, but some people with debt as high as yours are making income-based payments that don't actually cover the interest, so their balances grow every month. You are at least making a bit of progress!


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