June 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

Rough week. To the numbers…

May 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$121,891.82

June 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$120,292.48

Difference: $1,599.34

Nothing new or exciting to report. The continuing interest rate freeze on my federal student loans means my minimum payments went a bit further this month. Also, the continuing economic depression means that the interest rates on some of my private student loans are the lowest they have ever been.

It’s a difficult time right now and I want to be more excited about my finances than I am but…here it is.

Thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to comment or write. You are appreciated. 

4 thoughts on “June 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

  1. Thanks DDSW. I think it's just the swing…last month at this time I was beyond ecstatic about the reduction and scheming for how I could get it done faster. I think I just expected that feeling to come back but..blah.


  2. I think one of the weird things about living in difficult times is you have to simultaneously be engaged in all the emotional and political stuff, and still somehow save for retirement. It's bizarre. Anyway, I too *totally understand* why your financial win might not seem like the most important thing going on the world. At the same time I'm glad to see it, and glad you posted just because it gives me an opportunity to see that you're still out there.


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