July 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

So, if I allow myself to step back from the current social-political moment in the United States, and only focus on my finances, June was a good news/terrible news kind of month.

The terrible: June was expensive. Between car repairs, apartment repairs and pest management (another post), and a bit of money spent driving half-way across the country to spend time with my best friend (Okay…more than a bit. I’m still here and it’s doing my soul a world of good), June was expensive.

The good: As of July 1st, my overall debt is now under $120,000. Yea! While I will do a more extensive update tomorrow on my 1-year blogging anniversary, for now, I’ll just get to the numbers…

June 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$120,292.48

July 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$119,119.98

Difference: $1,172.50

Other than my balance finally dipping below $120,000.00, there is nothing particularly exciting to report. The current historically low interest rates mean student loans at variable interest rates are the lowest they have ever been. I really wish my DTI was better and I was in a better position to refinance to take advantage of them. The low interest rates mean my minimum payments and the extra I put towards the loan I am targeting go a bit further each month.

I will do a more extensive update tomorrow for my 1-year blogging anniversary. So for now that’s it.

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