November 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

To the numbers…

AccountDebtMin. PaymentInterest Rate
Private Student Loan 1$0.00$110.460.000%
Private Student Loan 3-$11,447.27$153.826.660%
Private Student Loan 4-$10,429.97$245.403.750%
Private Student Loan 2-$7,361.36$93.305.160%
Federal Student Loan 1-$21,440.37$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 2-$13,946.84$0.005.310%
Federal Student Loan 3-$11,184.47$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 4-$7,748.09$0.004.450%
Federal Student Loan 5-$5,561.12$0.004.450%
Federal Student Loan 6-$3,147.30$0.005.600%
Federal Student Loan 7-$2,863.10$0.004.660%
Federal Student Loan 8-$2,457.12$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 9-$2,307.18$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 10-$2,003.02$0.005.600%
Federal Student Loan 11-$1,639.01$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 12-$1,144.25$0.005.600%
University Student Loan 1-$4,138.83$60.418.000%
University Student Loan 2-$3,220.95$42.435.000%
University Student Loan 3-$672.09$30.008.000%
University Student Loan 4-$479.25$30.008.000%

October 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$113,667.51

November 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$113,191.59

Difference: $475.92

Nothing to see here. I continue to make minimum payments on all of my student loans as I take a respite from accelerated debt repayment to beef up my emergency fund to $5,000.00, which I will achieve in December.

As I stated last month, the current interest rate abatement on federal student loans means this is a bit less painful than it could have been as I don’t have to watch my overall balance increase from interest accruing on my federal student loans. The other bright-note is that interest rates continue to drop, which isn’t great for saving, but it means my minimum payments go that much further each month.

On election day (cause I’ve already voted and need a distraction), I will come clean about October spending (yikes) and my November budget forecast.

2 thoughts on “November 2020 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

  1. Nice job focusing on your emergency fund! I’ll look forward to your post on Election Day as a bright spot in what I fear will be a stressful and frustrating day. And high five for early voting!


    • Thanks Ellen! You asked in an earlier comment for me to share where I was, and I forgot to do it above but my emergency fund is currently $3,400.00. It is my expectation that with additional part time job income received this month and following my full time job paycheck on December 1st that it will be fully funded.

      Happy to be a bright spot 🙂 Although you might admonish me for my behavior this month 😉 😦


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