I’m moving.

I’ve finally finished working for the day. I have to work tomorrow. And I’m just getting this post in under my self-imposed Friday deadline. Also, I don’t want the pennyfolk to think I’m a flighty person. I mean, historically I have been, but I’m I trying to be better.

I was a bit too optimistic on Tuesday after my apartment flooded. I was hearing what I wanted to hear instead of what was really being said.

Outside the glass patio door is eight inches of dirty water; inside the glass, are my plants floating on an inch of water on top of my carpet.

What I wanted to hear was: “This is terrible. We are at fault. This has happened before and we didn’t make the adjustments to the exterior drains and maintenance that we should have. We are going to remove the wet carpet and padding, and get your place back into a “livable” condition.” What was actually being said was, “We’re going to do this as cheaply as possible. We’ll start by putting a single fan on your wet floor. That will dry up the carpet that got less water on it. We are going to remove the carpet padding from the ‘wettest’ places and replace it in a couple of days once everything dries. We are going to leave the carpet. Oh, you want it to be shampooed? Sure, just call the office.

Yea. It took a day or so for it to sink in that they were planning to keep the same carpet. I went back and forth with them trying to get them to make the appropriate repairs. At one point, I think I was even negotiating against myself. I was just so tired and wanted it fixed. Eventually, I broke and asked them about breaking the lease. They jumped at this and agreed to waive the thirty (30) days notice…which is of course what they have wanted for some time now. I live in a city that has experienced steady migration (enough to change the political landscape…) for several decades now. My apartment is well under market value and one of the only units not yet renovated. My lease includes a price step increase clause and they could not make the repairs/renovate and charge me the rate they now charge other units (+$300.00).

I have to be out this Sunday. Yes…in two days. Between work, packing, and school, I am exhausted. However, I am also very fortunate. There are few other instances in the past where I would have been able to make this choice, prioritizing my health and well-being. I am fortunate to have flexible employment, be able bodied, and perhaps more than anything, have parents who love me a great deal and are happy to have me at home for a while.

I just need to make it to Monday.

7 thoughts on “I’m moving.

  1. Omg!! Typing on phone so quick comment but, affirm this is good call. Didn’t know your parents lived nearby. Think it’s great you can stay with them a while. Take care of yourself.


    • Thanks C. Your support is always appreciated.

      I grew up in the north but actually went to high school in the south. This is my father’s home state and my parents have lived here more than 20 years. I haven’t been back for more than a couple of weeks since college, so my return in 2019 was a surprise to us all. It has been kinda great living closer to them. The state, and city, has changed a great deal since I went to high school here. When I first returned I thought my stay would only be for a few years, but now I’m not so sure. However, it’s much easier to think about making this my permanent home during the cooler months than it is in the summer where it’s still close to 100 degrees at 6PM.


  2. My first thought is how are you going to find a place in just 2 days??! But from C’s comment and your reply, it seems like you’ll be able to stay at your parents’ for a bit so that’s a relief.

    I’m glad that it looks like most of your belongings weren’t damaged. Wishing you the best! And keep us updated!

    Are you planning to stay with your parents for a while or are you already looking for another place?


    • Thanks, Avery. At the moment, I don’t know how long I will be with my parents. Initially, the plan was to try and find something as soon as possible but that has grown less appealing (perhaps because I am still in the middle of the move). I am leaning towards the idea of moving once the academic year ends which would take the pressure off both at work and in my coursework.


  3. I know it stinks that this flood happened, but I have to say, I feel such relief for you at the thought of you moving in with your parents for a while. You work hard, and to be able to be in a place where people love you and want to take care of you is, I think, just a layer of support and comfort that we don’t always get in adult life. I don’t know your parents, so maybe they’re driving you crazy already and I don’t know what I’m talking about. 🙂 But from what you’ve said about them, I think I may be at least somewhat right. However long you stay, I hope you enjoy yourself and enjoy the (possible) reprieve from paying rent. As C said, good call!


    • Per usual, you are correct, Ellen. More than anything, this experience reminded me what amazing parents I have. My mother is a saint and if it weren’t for her, it would not have been possible for me to get out. For the moment, I am just enjoying being in a warm safe place. My parents have repeatedly let me know they are happy to have me for however long I need to stay so we’ll see. It’s the early days so we’ll see how everything shakes out over the next few weeks.

      Possible reprieve from paying rent…thus far, they have refused to accept any money. However, I am going to at least try to talk them into letting me pay any increase in utilities.

      Glad you think this was the right move. Was a bit nervous you might be upset I didn’t put up a bigger fight with my landlord 🙂


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