March 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

To the numbers!

AccountDebtMin. PaymentInterest Rate
Private Student Loan 1$0.00$110.460.000%
Private Student Loan 3-$8,454.39$153.826.620%
Private Student Loan 4-$9,564.89$245.403.750%
Private Student Loan 2-$7,109.52$93.305.140%
Federal Student Loan 1-$21,440.37$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 2-$13,946.84$0.005.310%
Federal Student Loan 3-$11,184.47$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 4-$7,748.09$0.004.450%
Federal Student Loan 5-$5,561.12$0.004.450%
Federal Student Loan 6-$3,147.30$0.005.600%
Federal Student Loan 7-$2,863.10$0.004.660%
Federal Student Loan 8-$2,457.12$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 9-$2,307.18$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 10-$2,003.02$0.005.600%
Federal Student Loan 11-$1,639.01$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 12-$1,144.25$0.005.600%
University Student Loan 1-$4,004.61$60.418.000%
University Student Loan 2-$3,090.59$42.430.000%
University Student Loan 3-$568.18$30.008.000%
University Student Loan 4-$370.13$30.008.000%

February 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$110,210.06

March 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$108,604.18

Total Payments: $1,739.59

Net Difference: $1,605.88

Not bad. I’ve reached a mini-milestone as I am now under $110,000.00. -$108,604.18 is still a huge student debt load, but each month it gets a bit easier to see my way out. March is going to be a decent student loan debt repayment month, and as of 1st of March, I have already put more towards PSL3 than the total amount I put towards all loans in February. Much of the huge initial payment in March comes from the fact that I am currently staying with my parents, rent free. More on that later this week.

At the moment, I am perhaps the most hopeful I have been at any part in my student loan debt repayment journey. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal of paying off both PSL3 and PSL4 by the end of the year with no real plan as to how I would accomplish this. There is now a plan. My life is incredibly busy right now and some days I am barely holding it together, but I am so incredibly hopeful.

6 thoughts on “March 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

    • Thanks Ellen! It is justified, correct?!? I think I felt a bit guilty about my huge March 1st payment (not reflected in the totals above) because it is only really made possible by me staying rent-free with my folks. However, I have repeatedly tried to broach the idea of paying rent to them and they have refused to entertain it. I think this is because they wish that they had been able to pay for my education, and want to support me in this way. I now acknowledge how important this is to them and I am just going to accept the support. So yea, just feelings of hopeful and not guilty.


    • Thanks Avery! As of March 2nd the balance on PSL3 is $6,600.57 and it is my hope to be able to throw a bit more at it before the end the month. Will be SOOOOOO excited to be under $100K…I think it will happen in June but definitely before my second blogging anniversary on July 4th. Thank you so much for your excitement…it’s contagious!


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