March 2021 – Life Update

Alright. I realize that I owe you all some explanation as to where I have been, what I have been doing, or, at the very least, why I have fallen all the way off my New Year’s resolution to post weekly. The truth is fairly simple: I have been busy, tired, or wanting for a subject about which to write. More specifically…

1) Applying to medical school – Also in my New Year’s Day post, I announced that I was going to continue to move forward with my long deferred plan of applying to medical school. This is still happening. However, I am SO VERY BORED in my classes and almost failing. Of course by “almost failing” I mean getting a “B” in both physics and organic chemistry* but in the world of medical school applications the hyperbole is warranted. I am trying to engage my coursework with some level of intellectual curiosity, but on most days it just feels like hoops and busy work.

*Note: I might be less stressed if I has listened to C’s sage suggestion to just take one course. But of course I didn’t. Instead, I enrolled in two courses, each with their own separate in-person labs, with different instructors, which feels like four courses.

2) Dating – While dating during a pandemic is already pretty rough, it’s even rougher when you are back at home with your parents. While my parents are pretty darn awesome and have given me tons of space, I haven’t quite made peace with being a boomerang child (I prefer the U.N.’s “displaced person” due to natural disaster…I know); and, telling someone you just met that you are in your mid-thirties and staying with your parents is pretty much a red flag no matter how you spin it. I do have a guy that has been lurking in my life for some time now (years) but I am mostly trying to pretend I am no longer attracted to him. We will call him Dude Avery for future reference.

3) University B – I am a bit overwhelmed by work at University B at the moment; less overwhelmed by what needs to be done and more overwhelmed by my lack of real control over it. Unfortunately, when I was bored last semester, before I decided to chase my medical school dream, I allowed myself to become over involved at work. If I weren’t taking classes, it would be more than manageable, but at the moment, I am feeling tired and undervalued. My supervisor recognizes this and has given my team a couple of “comp/mental health” days that we have been able to use instead of vacation but the students still need a lot of attention at the moment and they have begun to significantly creep into my personal time. The advice I have received from mentors is to pull back, which makes sense, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. For the moment, my plan is to let one or two things (committee assignments) to find their natural semester end, and to abstain from serving in the summer and next year.

4) Living at home – It has been pretty awesome. Unfortunately, my parents aren’t letting me pay for anything at the moment (I still forcibly buy groceries and other stuff for them), but as I have shared in the past, they are aware that I still have some student loan debt and want to support me in this way to help pay it off faster. Originally, the plan was to sign a new lease for June 1, 2021. However, now I am not so sure… (Note: My parents are very happy to have me at home and have encouraged me to stay for as long as I like.) Ultimately, I think this will be determined by the success or failure of my application to medical school. If I fail to gain acceptance to medical school, then I will certainly move out and move on with my life. However, if I am admitted somewhere, it will necessitate a move and it might make more sense to move then as opposed to moving for less than a year only to move again.

5) Consulting Work – So after I decided to apply to medical school and I moved in with my parents, I mostly set my New Year’s plans of aggressively chasing consulting work to the side. Applying to medical school meant I didn’t have the time and living with my parents meant I could achieve my immediate financial goals without it. But because life never cares, a good friend and mentor decided to open his own consulting firm and has been steadily tossing work my way. While I have helped him in the past, ad hoc, he has decided that he wants this to be his primary source of income and wants to step away from University B at some point in the near future. We had a meeting with a client this morning and later this afternoon he text me, “…There is actually a much longer year long engagement we are starting to talk about. I am pretty sure I will have (sic) an intellectually engaging opportunity for you that will help to chip [a]way at those student loans.” Yea. More on that later…

So that’s it. That is where my life stands at the moment. I have been making good progress on the financial front thanks to my new living arrangement, the ongoing pandemic, and fairly low spending. You will see this reflected in my April 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) post.

7 thoughts on “March 2021 – Life Update

  1. eh, I’m not writing on my blog either (I started a new one about the house I bought and am renovating and I’d share the link except…two posts in three months, so….) I’m glad to hear from you. That just sounds like an over full life. At this point in the semester usually the only way out is through, but it’s really hard with the consulting work too and…. I’m glad you’re living with your parents, even though I get the dating thing. But having one thing be easier (not being in charge of all meals, say) sounds good.


    • CONGRATULATIONS on the new home!!! *Ears perk up* A new blog you say? C…the fact that you didn’t leave a link (or at least send one via email) is super unacceptable 🙂 So…

      Life if full but pretty good at the moment. You are correct. At this point, all I can do is hunker down and make it to the end of the semester.

      “…(not being in charge of all meals, say) sounds good.” The realist ish you ever wrote.

      Thank you for the support, as always. Now, about that blog link…


  2. I’m loving your update! I’m so relieved for you that you’re staying with your parents for a little while. I’m wondering, when will you find out whether you’ve been accepted to medical school? Also, Dude Avery sounds like he will add some intrigue to your future posts!


    • Thank you, Ellen! Late fall/early winter (October – December) is the earliest I would find out if I were admitted to medical school. Medical schools generally begin in the summer (June/July) and I had a friend find out as late as the week before classes were scheduled to start after she was pulled from the waitlist. That was incredibly disruptive, but exciting experience, and I hope to have a decision, one way or the other, well before then. Lol, I’ll write about Dude Avery again…he’s too vexing a subject not to write.


  3. I’m glad you took the time to give us a little update! I figured you’ve been really busy with class and medical school application. I just hope you’re not getting too overwhelmed with juggling class and work.

    My ears perked up at the mention of Dude Avery and obviously I’m automatically rooting for him considering we share the same name 🙂


    • Awe, thanks Avery. I notice someone else has a blog whose last post was around the same time as my last post before this one. Maybe someone might also consider giving us a life update 👀.

      Haha…you actually don’t share the same name but he’d probably be glad to have you in his corner.


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