Gig Income Report (Earned through 07/23/21): $113.26

Okay. I am putting the cart way before the horse on this one (aren’t idioms fun?) and I have a lot to explain but I didn’t want to get a backlog of posts to write and then start procrastinating writing. The short version is that in an effort to pay off Private Student Loan 4 (PSL4) this year, I have decided to venture into the world of gig apps. In another post(s), I will explain all that entails and what my experience has been thus far, but for now, I just want to get a past due income report up. Yea, okay, that needs an explanation as well…

Briefly, work through gig apps is generally paid within 1-2 days of the end of the shift (however, there is one app that pays weekly on Thursday). In an effort to keep myself motivated and to drag you all along for the journey, I am going to post a weekly gig income report each Friday that includes money earned the previous week (so Friday through the immediate preceding Thursday).

For the week ending 07/23/21, I worked one (1) shift on Thursday, July 22nd (the day I worked my first gig on any app) and earned $113.26, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $79.28. In another posts (I know, but I already mentioned I needed to write this above) I will further breakdown things like my average hourly rate, the type of gigs I’m working, and why the amount of my gig income is different from the amount of my extra student loan payment.

For now, that’s it.

5 thoughts on “Gig Income Report (Earned through 07/23/21): $113.26

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Same question as before: is the time tradeoff worth the extra money? (remember taxes and all that too…..) With the medical school application stuff I worry about you overextending yourself for not very much payback!


  2. Hey C! I always appreciate you as the voice of moderation…

    1) “…is the time tradeoff worth the extra money?” – That is something I decide on a case by case basis. I am going to get to my rules for accepting gigs later, but at the moment I am not accepting gigs where I am paid less than $15.00 per hour.
    2) “(remember taxes and all that too…)” – I did remember. 🙂 So that’s actually why my payment looks different from my extra student loan payment. As a 1099 contractor, no taxes are taken out of my payment. So the difference between the $113.26 I was paid and $79.28 is me withholding 30% to cover taxes and wear-and-tear on my car.
    3) “…with medical school application stuff…” – This I need to address. I hate to be THAT chick but…that’s another post. I will plan to post about that on Thursday. ”

    As always, you are so appreciated.


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