September 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

Whew, August was…a lot. I am only too happy to see the start of September. I feel like it is going to be a good month. Okay, enough of that. To the numbers…

AccountDebtDebt (7/1/19)Min. PaymentInterest Rate
Private Student Loan 1$0.00-$10,231.32$110.460.000%
Private Student Loan 3$0.00-$12,580.49$153.820.000%
Private Student Loan 4-$8,611.30-$13,280.33$45.403.625%
Private Student Loan 2-$6,726.38-$8,271.15$93.305.090%
Federal Student Loan 1-$21,440.37-$20,583.34$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 2-$13,946.84-$13,457.55$0.005.310%
Federal Student Loan 3-$11,184.47-$10,737.40$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 4-$7,748.09-$7,518.58$0.004.450%
Federal Student Loan 5-$5,561.12-$5,520.10$0.004.450%
Federal Student Loan 6-$3,147.30-$2,849.21$0.005.600%
Federal Student Loan 7-$2,863.10-$2,649.80$0.004.660%
Federal Student Loan 8-$2,457.12-$2,538.91$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 9-$2,307.18-$2,047.30$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 10-$2,003.02-$1,813.31$0.005.600%
Federal Student Loan 11-$1,639.01-$1,573.49$0.006.800%
Federal Student Loan 12-$1,144.25-$1,035.88$0.005.600%
University Student Loan 1-$3,577.70-$4,581.00$60.418.000%
University Student Loan 2-$3,090.59-$3,629.38$0.000.000%
University Student Loan 3-$380.41-$1,031.21$30.008.000%
University Student Loan 4-$185.75-$857.81$30.008.000%
Personal Student Loan $0.00-$1,875.70$312.620.000%

August 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s): -$99,935.49

September 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s): $98,014.00

Total Payments: $2007.47

Net Difference: $1,921.49

I mean…not bad. Despite disappointments in my personal and professional life, in terms of debt repayment, August was a pretty good month. It should be noted that the debt repayment amounts above do not reflect my very, very modest bonus, which will instead be applied to my September debt payments and reflected in my October 2021 update. This is the first balance update to reflect Private Student Loan 3 being paid off so that is exciting.

Gig Income Update

Net Gig Income Goal for August: $700.00
Net Gig Income Actual for August: $563.75
Difference: ($136.25)
Net Gig Income Goal for September: $600.00

If you will remember, my gig income goal for August was $1,000.00. However, this was a gross income goal which didn’t really make sense for reporting purposes as all of my other income is net income. For that reason, I have updated my August goal to reflect a net income goal. (Your can learn more about how I decided how much to set aside here.) After losing a weekend to a terrible summer cold and deciding not to work this past weekend, I fell short of my goal. The amount of gig work I actually performed felt about right, and I’ve decided to shoot for just a bit more than I earned in August for September.

Again, not a bad month. Thank you so much to all of you who read, and especially those who comment, for your support in August. It was so very much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “September 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

  1. Woot August was a really good month for you! You’re really killing it with these $2000/month payments! And I’m glad you’re lowering your gig goal. I think it’ll serve you better by actually preventing burn outs in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, hey! As a result of the bonus (which is taxed at 50% and resulted in an additional $750.00), I will also make +$2K in payments in September. It has me feeling a bit bullish about my goal of making it under $90K for the year, We. Will. See. As always, thank you for the support!


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