Gig Income Report (Earned through 09/24/21): $0.00

For the week ending 09/24/21, I worked zero (0) shifts for a total of 0.00 hours, and earned $0.00, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $0.00.

Ugh. This is the first time since I started gig work that I have posted two $0.00 extra income weeks in a row. While it is a bit sad, it’s not entirely surprising. Program work for my full time job at University B has ramped up in earnest and I have worked the past two weekends in a row; and I have to work this upcoming weekend as well. This two week goose egg damaged my pride a bit and I took a shift this past Saturday after working for University B just so I didn’t have to post another goose egg this upcoming Friday; it was also a very lucrative shift at $25.00/hour. I both regret it and would do it again.

You can read more about how I am landing gigs in Gig Tales: The Apps or how I determine how much money goes towards my student loans in Gig Tales: The Math.

2 thoughts on “Gig Income Report (Earned through 09/24/21): $0.00

  1. I feel like this system is working really well! You are able to take time off when you’re working elsewhere, but also posting about it regularly is pushing you a little harder than you otherwise might, so you got a decent gig at a good rate the other night.


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