Gig Income Report (Earned through 10/22/21): $331.27

For the week ending 10/22/21, I worked two (2) shifts for a total of 16.79 hours, and earned $331.27, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $250.00.

It was a pretty average week for gig work. I did break my streak of having a $0.00 week after a good week…and I think that is due to some other recent decisions I have made but that is for another post… I picked up a shift at a golf club that offered me a job. Being offered a job while gig working is pretty common if you are a hard worker (I am a very hard worker) but being interviewed on the spot is much less common. I surprised myself by actually going online to complete the application following my interview and taking a drug test…I’m sure it had nothing to do with the very intense (and oddly attractive) food and beverage manager with whom I interviewed. I know! I’m not trying to mix business with pleasure, that’s not me at all. He is just one of those intense and compelling people you meet in life. I would imagine people like him often become politicians…

Him aside, there were a couple of very practical reasons I thought to pick up work with the golf club: 1) I expect gig work opportunities to slow down significantly as fall comes to an end and there are very few weddings; 2) I like working on a team with consistent management; a lot of my managers for gigs have been pretty terrible in terms of their employee management and allowed employees to sit around making it really hard on those of us who do work, especially for large scale events, and I like the woman to who I would report at the golf club, and 3) he said they were willing to bend over backwards to be accommodating to me in terms of flexibility with the fact that I currently have a full time role. For all of these reasons (and a few more…again, later) I decided I will at least try it out.

You can read more about how I am landing gigs in Gig Tales: The Apps or how I determine how much money goes towards my student loans in Gig Tales: The Math. Although, at this point, how much I set aside for taxes, gas, and car wear-and-tear is a bit arbitrary. I have now started balancing how much I set aside against recent expenditures (e.g. $705.00 on brand new tires) and the fact that a lot of my gig income expenditures are tax deductible. For the most part, I am withholding (setting aside in savings) between 20-30% of the income I receive from gigs.

2 thoughts on “Gig Income Report (Earned through 10/22/21): $331.27

  1. I’m glad you decided to go for it and finish the application! This reminds me back when I used to work in retail and “float” around a couple stores in the district before getting staffed full time at my store. I kind of think of your gig work as “floating” which is nice in the sense that if you don’t like something about the work you just have to finish your shift and leave.

    But I found that there’s also a certain peace in knowing what you’re getting into when you go in for work which is what you’d be getting at the golf club.

    Plus I hear you get good tips at golf clubs! So I’m all for it especially if they’re able to give you competitive rates and good schedule.

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