I got pre-approved!

I know, I know. I was supposed to be waiting on refinancing until December. Well…Granite State Management & Resources (my federal student loan servicers) contacted me yesterday to tell me that my student loans were going to be transferred to a new servicer on November 10th. For whatever reason, receiving that email resulted in me completing a refinance application. In a later post, I will talk about how and why I chose the lender I did, but for now, I just wanted to share that I applied. The refinancing process is annoying and stressful, and dealing with my previous student loan servicers (particularly, Heartland ECSI) makes me so glad to be moving on to greener pastures. My new lender, and their in-house refinancing team, have been pretty great and I am really excited about the transition…I’m sure I’m far more excited than most people are about refinancing their student loans. While I will write more, a LOT more, later, I will leave you a snapshot for now…

4 thoughts on “I got pre-approved!

  1. I mean, I think that is pretty great. The rate is really good — so much better than your federal student loans — and the minimum payment seems pretty manageable, though of course you are hoping to pay more, take less time, and pay less interest. I’m so glad you were preapproved! Hope this goes through.


    • Whew. Honestly, I thought you might think it was a terrible idea and you’ve been correct (or close enough) enough times that it was going to give me even more pause. Yes, this rate is SO much better than my current federal rates. I think the minimum is manageable even if I made less. I will be doing another post on my decision-making and a final post about the process itself if I get approved.


  2. I actually heard rumors (from the internet so obviously the most reliable source 😏 ) that student loan refinance companies might jack up their rates in December or 2022 knowing that a lot of people are waiting to refinance after the federal loan relief ends.

    So it’s probably not a bad idea to get it done early!


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