Misc. Income Report (Earned through 11/05/21): $145.26

I know…this Gig Misc. Income Report is super late but I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, despite having to also work Saturday to support programming for University B. Ugh. I am soooooo very tired. Fortunately, the golf club only has me working next Saturday. It will still be painful as I also have to work at University B early Saturday morning but having Friday evening and all of Sunday off is far more humane than this past weekend.

For the week ending 11/05/21, I worked one (1) shift for a total of 8.07 hours, and earned $145.26, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $145.26.

If you read my November 2021 – Student Loan Balance (s) Update then you know that I eschewed putting any of my gig income for the past week into savings so that I could get Private Student Loan 4 under $4000.00. I regret nothing. This was one of those moments where I needed a “win” to stay motivated.

The name of this weekly report will change as more of my miscellaneous income is more likely to come from the golf club than gigs. I will also have to rethink how much I set aside in savings from my golf club paychecks as the golf club is withholding an appropriate amount of taxes from my income. I am thinking about a percentage (10%) or a flat amount ($25.00). The golf club pays weekly and I will receive my first paycheck on Thursday so I’ll come up with something by then.

2 thoughts on “Misc. Income Report (Earned through 11/05/21): $145.26

  1. Hey, every little bit counts. That’s like half of your smallest university loan! // I’ve been out of town a lot this fall but you’re right, I should do a blog update. It’s not that nothing has happened, but it’s been slow and not especially photogenic…not the point though.


    • It is actually MORE than my smallest university loan 😉 As of my November update, my smallest university loan was $124.00. Unfortunately, my student loan servicer for my university loans (who should actually no longer be my servicer after today) Heartland ESCI doesn’t allow borrowers to make targeted payments. You can only make a payment that is distributed against the entire balance. For that reason, I just stuck to my plan. If the servicer allowed targeted payments, I would definitely have paid off my smallest two university student loans much earlier with their 8% interest rates.

      Hopefully, you had some wonderful travel. YES! You need to do an update. I don’t care what it is, as you say, every little bit counts, and progress is progress. I await that post.


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