Misc. Income Report (Earned through 11/12/21): $280.54

I know…this Misc. Income Report is still late but I worked a double on Saturday between University B and the golf club so it was a 6:00AM-2:00AM day with more than 35,000 steps. I was tired, my feet were tired, and I’m only now getting out of bed for something other than a snack or to use the bathroom for the first time today. As I predicted, gig work is drying up across the apps and even undesirable shifts are getting snapped up pretty quickly. Having talked to other coworkers, work at the golf club also winds down at the end of the holiday season so gig work and part time shifts may be a bit harder to come by for the first couple months of the year. Honestly, I’m fine with that. I’ve figured out what my monthly payment will have to be to be debt free before I turn 40 and I think it’s strangely manageable even without gig/part time work…but more on that later.

For the week ending 11/12/21, I worked three (3) shifts at the golf lub for a total of 18.50 hours, and earned $280.54 (gross: $323.75), resulting in an extra student loan payment of $250.00. I did make an extra $20.00 in a cash tip but that went to pad my very skimpy food/gas/misc. budget this month that resulted from me cash flowing my new tires instead of pulling money out of my savings or emergency fund.

I realize that these misc. income reports are not a substitute for reviewing/sharing my income and budget and plan to do that again for December.

6 thoughts on “Misc. Income Report (Earned through 11/12/21): $280.54

  1. Hey, awesome. What a nice round number ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally feel like you should just use the occasional cash tip for spending money, too, not just this month. They ought to help round out what is *always* a very tight budget for you.


  2. Haha…you are, of course, correct. And agreed about my tight budget. There will be a slight income increase for me in December and potentially an even bigger one for me in January. I haven’t wanted to talk about it (and still won’t) until things get a bit firmer but the rising cost of gas has convinced me that the days of a $300.00 fdgm budget may be gone. I’m not planning to go wild or anything but $500.00 might be a lot more realistic.


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