Misc. Income Report (Earned through 11/19/21): $550.43

I know…this Misc. Income Report is once again late but I worked a double on Saturday between a Qwick gig and the golf club…blah, blah, I know you all have to be tired of the excuses by this point.

For the week ending 11/19/21, I worked three (3) shifts at the golf club for a total of 20.73 hours, and earned $310.43 (gross: $362.78), resulting in an extra student loan payment of $300.00. Additionally, a gig I worked earlier this month (not through an app) finally paid and I earned $240.00, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $200.00.

As I have stated several times now, the income I am setting aside in savings is entirely random at this point and really depends on what the income is and whether or not it was subject to prior state and federal withholding. I believe I have more than enough in non-emergency fund savings to cover any potential tax liability. I will make any necessary adjustments early next year after I do my taxes.

The reported income from the golf club is income received this week for work performed almost two weeks ago due to their pay cycle. Work at the golf club has dried up considerably and won’t really pick back up until after the holidays. For the moment, they only have me scheduled one day a week, which I don’t hate, especially as other things in my life are in flux. This weekend, I was able to pick up a Qwick shift (which will appear in next week’s misc. income report) and was once again offered a permanent part-time job by the owner. It’s for a busy restaurant in the city and they stay busy year-round. Their team is really strong (even stronger than the golf club’s) and I was tempted for a minute…but ultimately, I demurred. At the golf club, as is the case with most banquet work, there are moments of respite where you can catch your breath, but this was not the case at the restaurant. It was a grind from the second I clocked in. Which is fine if that is your only shift for the day but not suitable on days I have to pull a double. It would wear me down pretty quickly. Also, if I were to be grinding that hard, I would expect to be a waiter and make asignificantly higher hourly rate.

4 thoughts on “Misc. Income Report (Earned through 11/19/21): $550.43

  1. I sometimes worry that you’re overworking yourself with extra shifts but from this post I’m relieve to know that have a really good process when it comes to picking up the kind of work you get into.

    I agree! The restaurant gig seems like it would take a toll on you down the line. Good for the occasional gig work but not for a permanent part time.

    And of course, this goes without saying but you’re absolutely killing it! 💪🏼

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  2. $500 extra! I am team anti-burnout but, ok, that’s pretty cool. And I agree with Avery that it’s really good you’re thinking through and turning down stuff that wouldn’t work so well for you. You’ve got a good rhythm going, and I think you should enjoy the extra time away from the golf club while you can!


    • Yea…I put in my two weeks’ notice at the golf club. Lots going on…will share more soon. Although I shared a bit in my most recent misc. income update for the impatient 😉

      I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday…I will now go check your blog to make sure I haven’t missed any updates.


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