Misc. Income Report (Earned through 11/26/21): $251.41

I have no excuses, just a lot going on at the moment. In addition to the holidays and the busyness that accompany them, it is also the end of the semester at University B and the final weeks of programming are just brutal in an effort to make sure students have all the support they need as their semester wraps up. I have three events this week, a colleague who is a bit stressed and snapping at me, two weeks’ notice to work for the golf club, and a job interview I’m hiding from everyone since University B already offered me a promotion effective January 1…I said there was a lot going on!

For the week ending 11/26/21, I worked one (1) shift at the golf club for a total of 9.08 hours, and earned $145.21 (gross: $158.90), resulting in an extra student loan payment of $0.00. Wait! I will explain… Additionally, I worked one (1) gig through Qwick for $106.20, resulting in an extra student loan payment of $0.00. I know, I know. “What’s up with all dem zeros AP?” November was a tight month in terms of budget as I cash flowed my tires at the beginning of the month (one of the challenges of only getting paid once a month) and had to stick to a very tight budget for the remainder of the month. However, this month I needed to spend a bit on irregular purchases, like my first haircut in three years, so I used my misc. income to pad my budget. While this is definitely not something I want to turn into a habit, knowing that my misc. income was supporting me directly this month, and not missteps of Afro Penny-past made getting through that rough restaurant shift a bit easier.

As I have stated several times now, the income I am setting aside in savings is entirely random at this point and really depends on what the income is and whether or not it was subject to prior state and federal withholding. I believe I have more than enough in non-emergency fund savings to cover any potential tax liability. I will make any necessary adjustments early next year after I do my taxes.

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