Misc. Income Report (Earned through 12/10/21): $132.24

This one is almost a week late and really I’m posting it for posterity at this point…

For the week ending 12/10/21, I was paid for one (1) shift at the golf club for a total of 8.25 hours, and earned $132.24 (gross: $144.38), resulting in an extra student loan payment of $132.24. As I shared in a previous post, my time at the golf club has come to an end but they are on a delayed, weekly pay cycle so I will (have by this point) receive one more check before the end of the year.

Withholding Disclaimer: The amount I am setting aside in savings is entirely random at this point and really depends on what the income is and whether or not it was subject to prior state and federal withholding. I believe I have more than enough in non-emergency fund savings to cover any potential tax liability. I will make any necessary adjustments early next year after I do my taxes.

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