Misc. Income Report (Earned through 12/17/21): $243.01

The last misc. income report went up almost a week late and this one is going up a day early…why? Well, December has been a busy month in AfroPennyland. And beyond the usual busyness that accompanies the holidays, my birthday, the end of the semester, etc., I have also been…interviewing. I know! Things have been moving along a LOT faster than I anticipated when I initially put myself out there and there is a chance I will have news as soon as…later today. So anyone who happens to read this between now and then, please send all the good vibes and good thoughts.

For the week ending 12/17/21, I was paid for one (1) shift at the golf club for a total of 15.70 hours (yes, this was ONE shift on a Sunday…I was exhausted and tired when I went to work the following Monday and this is part of the reason I had to step away from the golf club), and earned $243.01 (gross: $274.75), resulting in an extra student loan payment of $243.01. This should be the last paycheck I receive from the golf club and it’s a pretty important one in terms of my student loan debt repayment journey. In addition to the potential news I shared above, there should also be an update about Private Student Loan 4 (PSL4) later today. PSL4 is the only student loan I have remaining that wasn’t included in my refinance last month and paying it off was one of my 2021 Financial Goals…

As I hinted at in my December 2021 Student Loan Balance(s) update post, December will be an eventful month.

Withholding Disclaimer: The amount I am setting aside in savings is entirely random at this point and really depends on what the income is and whether or not it was subject to prior state and federal withholding. I believe I have more than enough in non-emergency fund savings to cover any potential tax liability. I will make any necessary adjustments early next year after I do my taxes.

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