Misc. Income Report (Earned through 12/24/21): $100.00

Super late…just doing it for posterity at this point…

For the week ending 12/24/21, I worked one shift for a chef friend (he contacted me just before my last interview with my new job and I kinda said yes just to get him off the phone) 6.00 hours and earned $100.00 (gross: $100.00), resulting in no additional student loan payment. December has been a wildly expensive month, and as I have paid off PSL4, I’ve decided to just sit on any additional cash until the new year when I start targeting my one remaining refinanced student loan.

While I like my chef friend and want to support his business, it is unlikely I will work for him again in the future. No matter how many hours I work for him, he consistently pays me $100.00. Some of these events, like this one, are a significant way away from my home; this event was an hour’s drive one way. Additionally, because I am very professional, he constantly makes me the event captain and has had me run entire events for him, including picking up supplies and dropping off staff, without any additional remuneration. He is also consistently late to his own events which means I am sometimes sitting in my car for a half-hour or more waiting for him to show up. Even if it weren’t possible for me to get a significantly higher rate for my food service labor on the open market (even the golf club gig paid more), his lack of professionalism has been a reason I wanted to end this professional relationship for some time. The new job just gave me an excuse.

Withholding Disclaimer: The amount I am setting aside in savings is entirely random at this point and really depends on what the income is and whether or not it was subject to prior state and federal withholding. I believe I have more than enough in non-emergency fund savings to cover any potential tax liability. I will make any necessary adjustments early next year after I do my taxes. I actually took about $478.46 from my non-emergency fund savings account to pay off PSL4. I still believe my tax liability for the past year should be covered but any future gigs will probably see me setting aside a much larger amount in savings to cover for this withdrawal. For now, I regret nothing.

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