My income…for now

I just finished reconciling my March 2022 unbudgeted spending and paying my April 2022 bills and was pleasantly surprised. As I explained in my April student loan balance update, I expected my April student loan payment to be significantly less due to unbudgeted spending in March. While this was the case, it was still a very significant payment and something I would have struggled to make last year with any degree of unbudgeted spending. The reason for this difference is obvious, and now that the February rose has withered away (I’m secretly a country music fan), it’s time to talk about it…my income.

I have procrastinated talking about my current income thus far because it has fluctuated so significantly from month to month this year. Between starting work at Organization C in mid-January and transitioning to part-time work at University B in February, March was the first month where I had some idea what my monthly income will be…at least through June when my temporary contract at University B ends.

My March 2022 net income was $5603.39. And that isn’t quite correct because the first pay period at University B was lumped in with my vacation leave payout and I didn’t bill all hours worked for the second pay period. However, this should be pretty close.

This net income is why I was able to pay $4050.00 in March (my fixed and variable costs were less than $1,600 in February) and why even in a month where I spent significantly more, I was still able to scrape together a decent monthly debt payment.

There really isn’t too much more to say. I don’t want to squander this period of increased income so I am really trying to buckle back down for April. However, traveling with others (I’m hanging out with my best friend again) makes that difficult as you are not fully in control of spending decisions. That being said, my best friend is pretty frugal and I plan to be honest with her about my financial goals for the year. I feel like she will be supportive.

6 thoughts on “My income…for now

  1. this is so great. I know you’re usually on top of this stuff so you might already have done it — but watch out for tax withholding, because if your main organization doesn’t know that you’re making all this side income, it’s liable to not withhold enough and then you’ll be a bit stuck next April. You might want to talk to HR if you haven’t done that.


    • Okay…don’t get mad at me C, but I actually claim “0” on my W-4s for both Organization C and University B which allows for maximum withholding. It’s the reason I get a refund each year. 👀I know, don’t hate me!


      • Forced saving, I am a big fan myself because if the money is there, it gets spent. It’s like my children and appliances know when there is money in our account…

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      • This! This makes total sense to me. I know the counter-argument folks make is that it’s your money and that you could be using it to invest, you’re giving the government an interest-free loan, blah, blah, blah, none of that would happen. I am much more interested in getting a small refund or no money back than owing money.


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