Blogiversary: Year 3

It seems like the American experiment in democracy is crumbling, inflation is wild, and I don’t think I can vote myself out of being systemically stripped of rights but financially, I’m in a decent place. A better place than I have been in a long, long time. In fact, after my August 1st payment, I will have less debt than I did when I left college 14 years ago…

Last year, I decided that my anniversary posts would be a permutation between a mid-year check-in and an end-of-year evaluation of my blogging goals. For the most part, I’ve decided to stick with that plan but first, to the numbers…

Student Loan Debt Journey

Blog Start – July 4, 2019: -$133,259.74

1st Blogiversary – July 4, 2020: -$119,119.98

2nd Blogiversary – July 4, 2021: -$101,626.31

3rd Blogiversary – July 4, 2022: -$67,017.92

Well…damn. So a bit of a spolier for the August 1st student loan balance update but kinda worth it for the reflection. The me that started this blog on July 4, 2019, could only have dreamed that in three years I would be where I am with my student loan debt. While I knew what it would take to get it done I had no real plan and was only guided by faith in myself to work hard. Obviously, it took a lot more than just working but…I’m here. $66,241.82 less indebted. Even though some of though five thousand of that was auto debt that I paid off (and then added to), it’s still debt I paid. In three years I have paid off a NET $66,241.82 in debt. I know I am supposed to look at that number with a twinge of guilt and a wish that I had been able to put it towards something else but at the moment I’m just grateful.

Next up, a mid-year check-in on my 2022 REVISED Financial Goals:

1) Earn the $2,000.00 match from Organization C.In Progress. At the beginning of the year, I made the correct election and this is happening. This would generally not be a financial goal but I ended up having to address it after being so disappointed by the employer match.

2) Save $1,000.00 as a non-emergency fund sinking fund.Completed. I was able to complete this using income I earned while working at an academic camp part-time for two weeks in June. The sinking fund actually has several thousand dollars in it at the moment that is waiting to be allocated towards something. I keep going back and forth about what that something is. Hopefully, I’ll make up my mind soon.

3) Make it below $60,000.00 in student loan debt.Likely. The betting odds on this one in Vegas would be pretty high. While this goal seemed outrageous at the beginning of the year when I didn’t know what was going to happen with University B, months later, it seems all but inevitable. August will be the last month where I will have any residual income from University B. However, even if I only make payments of $2,000.00 for the remainder of the year (which is the payment I can comfortably make using only my full-time income) then I should still make it below $60,000.00 in student loan debt in early December. It feels weird to be so matter-of-fact about this…

Finally, my Third Year Blog Goals:

1) Blog at least twice a month.
– Passed! While the summer has marked an appreciable slow down in posts, for a while there, I was blogging quite a bit a month.

2) Vlog at least once a month. – Fail! I could have achieved this. I have the content and the tools. I just keep going back and forth about how much of myself I want to put out on the interwebs. Because once it’s out there, you can’t take it back.

I’m going to skip making blogging goals for the upcoming year. I plan to focus on using my blog as a journal to work through more of my personal life. It feels like I always wait to come here until after I have “figured it out,” but I think blogging about things, especially the bigger things, could be beneficial.

FINALLY, a HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who takes time to read my blog, and especially those of you who comment. I sound like a broken record at this point but I am endlessly grateful for your support throughout this journey. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Blogiversary: Year 3

  1. Oh the American experiment. Sigh. As a historian, I know things have looked worse…but they sure have also looked better. Without saying more on that….you are incredibly close to HALFWAY PAID OFF. Considering that the first year of your blog you didn’t make a ton of progress, as I recall, it is truly amazing what you’ve done. So glad we’ve been here to report to and motivate you as you’ve gotten your feet under you.

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    • “I know things have looked worse…but they sure have also looked better.” This. This. Like things have definitely been worse in the past but I feel like people were generally hopeful. The people around me are a bit despondent…while also recognizing we are in a developed nation at relative peace.

      I didn’t even notice that but you are right! I’m actually more than halfway paid off if I were to out what my debt was before I switched jobs/started this blog…maybe one day I’ll do that. Be honest about not just where I was at the start of this blog but how bad it was just a year earlier…

      I have been so grateful for ya’ll. You are a part of what keeps me consistent. I know that even if I weren’t blogging that I would keep paying off my debt but I don’t know that I would be as consistent/faithful. On months where I have traveled or splurged a bit, knowing I have to report here is what gets me back on track for the next month. Without ya’ll I am worried I might let some behaviors slide a bit.


  2. I am so glad you started a blog. I really look forward to your posts so don’t stop and your comments! Oh Em Gee I left college (the 2nd time) 14 years ago as well. I have an appointment for an oil change that is priced at $84.95…what in the world. Yeah I feel very diary-ish with mine, but it is really helpful. Once I come back and look at where I was, I feel so optimistic. You definitely should feel that way 🙂😉.

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    • Awe, thanks, Blissful! I have no plans to stop blogging until this infernal debt is gone. After that, we’ll see… And you are absolutely right. Going back and reading my earlier posts…seeing how sad I was and realizing how much of a different place I am now, it’s a really good feeling.

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  3. You are making crazy progress on your goals!

    And yes, I feel like our country is crumbling around us as well. A comment that Blissfully in the Shadows made on your last post resonated with me. They said…now I’m forgetting exactly, but it was basically that if you start thinking about who you can help once your debt is gone, that can be motivating. That’s such a good point. When your debt is gone, you’ll be able to be more responsive and nimble in addressing whatever needs to be addressed in whatever political situation we find ourselves in. The number of people in need of help and situations in need of people willing to help are only increasing. By being free of debt, you’ll be more able to jump in and do what is needed. 🙂

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    • “The number of people in need of help and situations in need of people willing to help are only increasing. By being free of debt, you’ll be more able to jump in and do what is needed.” – This…more than you know, this. 🙂


  4. Happy 3rd year blogiversary!

    The first thing that popped into my mind was you really should change your 3rd financial goal from “Likely” to something like “90% sure it’ll happen” loll!

    It’s crazy to think that just at the beginning of this year you thought that goal might’ve not been possible. But that seems to be the theme of your entire debt journey and why you’ve been so inspiring!

    On a side note, I’m really interested in your comment to C regarding your debt prior to the start of this blog. Maybe that could be a future Throw Back Thursday kind of post 😉.

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