What I spent and earned: October 18th and 19th – For posterity…

I’m just getting this up to get it up…

Variable Expenses Budget: $500.00
Spent Today: $53.41 – Over the 18th and 19th
Variable Budget Remaining: $55.46

October Income Goal: $2,500.00
Earned Today: $311.70 – Over the 18th and 19th
Earned To Date: $1,224.06*
Goal Remaining: ($1,275.94)

$55.46 for the next ten days…right.

A lot going on over the past two days…this one is up for posterity.

*Income is reported as cash on hand. Some gigs are 1099 gigs (taxes not withheld) and some gigs are W-2 gigs (taxes withheld) and it would be tough to distinguish between the two in a neat way. Instead, I will report cash in hand, and money set aside for taxes and expenses related to gig work will have a budget line item each month.

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