Happy Lunar New Year!

Yea…2022 was kind of a crap year for me (much of it my own making) and the earliest bit of 2023 has felt like a hangover (fixing ish that went wrong in 2022). But now I’m mostly healed up, feeling better, and ready to begin 2023 in earnest. I need this year to be better.

So, to begin the year, I am going to move to a state in the midwest for three months (I presently live in the southeast), and take a three-month-long MCAT prep course, while continuing to work remotely…and living out of my car. I know.

I still owe a 2022 reflection post, a 2023 goals post, and other confessions but I figured if I didn’t just start blogging again, I’d never start blogging again. So I decided to take another Lunar New Year Do-Over/Restart. I’ll begin with the daily posts tomorrow. And while it’s unlikely they will last as long as I would like, I’ll at least get you caught up on most of my ridiculous choices/plans.

4 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year!

  1. You’re good to share the twists and turns of your plans with all of us. Believe me, I have many twists and turns and I don’t even love sharing them with my small group of family members. I’m excited for you that you’re going to give it another whirl!

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