I forgot my coat.

It was a long day.

I left the south a bit later than I had planned and arrived at a small, public university, in an only electorally significant, midwestern state, just thirteen minutes before my first MCAT prep class began. There was nothing surprising about the course content and I was significantly less anxious about the material I need to review than I was last September when every day required cramming.

I’m writing from a dangerously cheap hotel room just outside the city limits. Despite my plans to live out of my car, the frigid temperatures have me rethinking my plans, at least for the winter months. I will have to sort out my living arrangements tomorrow.

And I forgot my coat.

9 thoughts on “I forgot my coat.

  1. Friend, are you ok? I’m a little worried about you. I know we haven’t heard from you lately and presumably there’s a whole story here but….


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