A room with no view…and a coat.

I want to apologize for alarming some of you with my last two posts. I generally try to write once I have things “worked out” but I realized that waiting for things to settle had become an excuse for not posting at all, so the posts from the past couple of days probably seemed hectic/unsettling because I was posting in the middle of the process as opposed to reporting at its end. In any instance, I am very appreciative of your thoughtful comments and concerns. I am indeed “okay.”

This upcoming Sunday is my day off from work and studying, and I plan to catch up on the threeish post I owe, explaining how I arrived at the place I currently find myself (in many respects). While I have said it previously, 2022 was not a great year for me in any aspect of my life but 2023 already feels like it is headed in a better direction…

I found a room. I arrived in the midwest yesterday and will remain here until April 28th when I sit for the MCAT exam. I contemplated/thought to attempt living out of my car as a way to avoid paying rent on my room back in the south and a room here. Despite understanding that it would be snowy and frigid in the midwest, from my cozy room in the south, I was emboldened by YouTube videos about “van living” and convinced I too could do it. Yea…no. Yesterday, just as the sun set, I realized how woefully unprepared I was to actually live out of my car. I contemplated this while sitting in front of a Planet Fitness, getting in and out of my car several times, convinced that if I just took a shower, I would feel better and could spend the night in my backseat. Observing all of this was a policeman sitting in a parked cruiser in front of the gym. I don’t know what he thought he was witnessing but I hope his kind smile as I got back into my car the final time means he just thought I was giving up on a New Year’s resolution.

Now, that general stupidity aside, prior to leaving the south, I did do a bit of research about housing options around the university (where the course is being offered), and found a rental company that leases rooms on a month-to-month basis. After my hotel stay last evening, I caved and called them as soon as I woke up this morning. By 3:00PM, I had viewed and applied to lease the room. It’s an old building, and not particularly well kept, but the carpet is new, the room is clean, and the price is right at $300.00/month inclusive of all utilities. Assuming my criminal background check comes back clear (it will, I’m boring), I will pay my deposit and move in the same day. The leasing manager said that it was likely that the background check would come back tomorrow. For now, I am in a slightly less dodgy hotel, enjoying strong wi-fi, and happy to be warm.

I also had luck in finding a winter coat. There was a Goodwill just down the street from the hotel I stayed at yesterday. I found a comfortable wool coat for $12.99 and purchased a deeply discounted pair of gloves at Kohls for $4.99. After some aggressive lint rolling and a spray down with fabric disinfectant, it’s cute enough and smells good enough to get me through the next few months, and perhaps enter the coat rotation next winter with a bit more care.

Today was a good day.

12 thoughts on “A room with no view…and a coat.

    • Things are definitely looking up…I was in some sort of rut and today was the first day since I crashed my car on NYE that I’ve felt like “it’s okay, it will all be okay…”


  1. Hii! Welcome back to the blog world 🙂 I’ve missed you so much!

    It’s unbelievable how much I relate to so many things you mentioned on this post. First, I totally know what you mean by only wanting to post when you have something “worked out”. I have to say though, reading your thought process in real-time just paints a more vivid picture of what you’re going through. And sometimes, you just have to write things out to really get that “aha” moment for yourself.

    Second thing I completely relate on is the whole, “van life” craze and how glamorous it seems on YouTube. In fact, guess who rang in the New Years sleeping on her comforter in her car? Yes, this girl. And let me just tell you that you made the right decision in leasing that room. Also at $300/month? The last time I had rent that low, I was sharing a bedroom with 2 other people. So wow what a steal!

    Anyways, I can’t wait to read more on some of this backstory/future story. Stay safe and healthy! Agree with blissfully – 2023 is only going up from here!

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    • Thank you, thank you! I’ve missed you too 🙂

      Thank you for the grace, Avery. I am trying not to procrastinate writing but I also don’t want to alarm you all. Hopefully, I’ve made my last drastic move (figurately and literally) for the next couple of months.

      Woman?!?! How have you not written about it? I demand that post! It was definitely a steal…once I am settled in, I might do a brief tour (with pictures of course) of my temporary space.

      Awe, thank you for your support. I look forward to reading about your continued FIRE journey and travel exploits on your blog.


  2. Hi AP, I have to be honest here : still kind of worried. What the F happened that all this is going on? I thought you found closure with not going to medical school? What is the job situation like ? And yes I do realize I am not your mother or IRL Friend so you don’t have to answer the questions and I won’t get offended if you don’t 😊 I am very glad to read that you decided not to live out of your car in the Midwest from january to april. Best of luck to you!

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    • Oh, no! I’m sorry, Eva. And, honestly, I think if I were not me but reading along, I would probably ask that exact same question. To be honest, you know more about my finances than anyone I actually know IRL and almost as much about what is going through my head as my best friend. I genuinely, genuinely, appreciate the concern AND questions. I have been dreading writing “that” post but I think your questions, which could serve as a prompt, will make it a bit easier. Ha! You have every right to be offended if I didn’t answer. I will, in a post, by Sunday at the very latest.


  3. You made me laugh twice here. Once thinking of you envisioning van life for yourself, and the other getting in and out of your car at Planet Fitness. Thank you for the early morning laughs, and thanks for the more complete picture of where you are / what you’re doing.

    Have you seen Bridesmaids? Melisssa McCarthy’s character adopts nine puppies and regrets it but seemingly resolves to keep them. We the pennyfolk are like the puppies you adopted in an unconsidered moment, and now you’re stuck with us clamoring around your ankles wanting to be with you all the time. You’re stuck with having to report back to us / fill us in / reassure us. But we do love you! 😂 😘


    • 🙂 I’m glad you were amused by my delusions, and that perhaps my post put you a bit more at ease.

      I have! I love Kristen Wiig. 🙂 I genuinely appreciate your (and everyone who has ever commented) thoughts and concerns and I do feel like I owe you all some sort of explanation about what I am doing and where I am headed. I know some folks are alarmed because this move sojourn seems sudden, and in some ways it was, but in other ways, it really wasn’t. I still owe you all a fuller explanation, and thanks to a bit of help from Eva, that explanation will likely come tomorrow.

      As always, thank you for your support 🙂


  4. Well, I’m less alarmed now that you’re not sleeping in your car, yeah 🙂 But I also am still a tad concerned by (what seems like) a sudden turn. You’d seemed pretty set on not going the med school route for some pretty good reasons (not only about money etc but also about who you are as a person vs what med school would be like), so I am curious about what changed! Not saying I don’t support this move…just a little worried!


  5. You could easily make back $186 with these 2 bonuses
    Digital fcu – $100
    Bloom – $86

    Look up doctor of credit. Those are the two easiest bonuses i could think of that don’t require a dd or much money.

    I saw your response to my other post. They serve you not the other way around 🤭

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