2022 Financial Review

Author note: I began writing this post on December 31, 2022, and just never got around to publishing it because I was a bit depressed and checked out at the time. For that reason, it is a bit melancholy and doesn’t reflect where I am now (employed full-time, going to the gym, happier, and generally just in a better headspace). However, it wouldn’t feel “right” to edit away the feelings I had as I was writing it. Just know that this post reflects where I was then and not where I am now at the time of its publishing in April 2023.

On the last day of 2021, I wrote, “My last post of 2021! Despite the continued mess that 2021 has been for so many people across the world, 2021, particularly the second half, was actually a pretty good great year in AfroPennyland and I’m kinda sad to see it end. Kinda.” My feelings could not be more different this year. 2022 was kind of a crummy year for me, even if I did initially make some good financial progress, and no part of me was sad to see it end. Don’t believe me? On my way to watch a college football game at The Trucker’s house, on New Year’s Eve, I got into an accident, and I am now without a car until a repair estimate is done and I get a rental. However, other than bruised knees and a bit of chest pain from where the airbags deployed, I’m okay. My ego took most of the beating. I guess I should be grateful for that.

I’m usually so excited to do this post but honestly, at the moment, I am forcing myself to do it for past and future AfroPenny, because they would want me to do it. So, before I can begin 2023 in earnest, I have to close the financial blog door on 2022. To the numbers…

Student Loan Balances – January 1, 2022

Student Loan Balances – January 1, 2023

Net Student Loan Debt Reduction in 2022: $21,497.81

Not great and definitely less than last year. However, all of the debt repayment progress was made during the first eight months of the year before I left Organization C (which I still don’t regret…although, I miss the income), so I hustled harder than the numbers belie.

Net Debt Reduction by Month

January 2022$2,744.09
February 2022$374.33
March 2022$1,858.92
April 2022$7,297.88
May 2022$1,762.06
June 2022$2,912.76
July 2022$4,674.22
August 2022$2,800.55
September 2022$0.82
October 2022$7.25
November 2022 – No post/No payment – Balance increased due to interest.
December 2022 – No post/No payment – Balance increased due to interest.

Finally, how did I do with my planned REVISED: 2022 Financial Goals?

1) Earn the $2,000.00 match from Organization C.Fail – I didn’t stay long enough with Organization C to earn this pitiful match. I did, however, contribute the maximum match amount up to my departure.

2) Save $1,000.00 as a non-emergency fund sinking fund. – Fail – I achieved this goal by midyear but then turned around and spent it during my subsequent unemployment from September through December.

3) Make it below $60,000.00 in student loan debt.
Fail – This one hurt. I was so very close. If I had remained employed with Organization C, even without additional hustling or a second income, I would have easily achieved this goal. Eh…there is next year.

Whew, what a year. I don’t know that there is really anything more to be said…as always, I continue to be unendingly grateful for the Pennyfolk and anyone else who wanders by my blog. See you in 2023.

2 thoughts on “2022 Financial Review

  1. I know your 2023 is already looking up, but if you want to feel even better, know that your “failure” of “only” reducing your student debt by $21k is still double what I accomplished in 2022. So don’t be so hard on yourself because I know I would’ve considered that accomplishment a HUGE success.


    • Lol it is a little bit of salve. I think I had just been making my goals for so long that this one really hurt, even if I would have salivated over this sort of progress just years ago.


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