What loan should I payoff next? VOTE! (2)

I know. I know. Why am I worried about the next student loan I’m going to pay off when PSL3 is still lingering? Well, did you not read this blog subheading? One OBSESSIVE post at a time. Further, I sometimes have analysis paralysis where my need to investigate all options to a level of minutiae […]

June 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

The countdown to under $100,000.00 in student loans has officially begun. Hmmm, rereading that seems super sad…whatever. To the numbers! Account Debt Debt (7/1/19) Min. Payment Private Student Loan 1 $0.00 -$10,231.32 $110.46 Private Student Loan 3 -$2,466.86 -$12,580.49 $153.82 Private Student Loan 4 -$9,518.53 -$13,280.33 $245.40 Private Student Loan 2 -$6,918.38 -$8,271.15 $93.30 Federal […]

June 2021 Budget

Whew, May is mostly over and not a day too soon. Neither my wallet nor my waistline could handle it for much longer. To the budget… Unplanned Spending – Okay, let’s talk about the obvious: I had unplanned spending of $2,426.22 in May. How did that happen? Well, I spent a month traveling the eastern […]

I’m moving out…

I know. Hear me out. Exactly one week ago, I signed a lease for a house share in the city. I imagine this is shocking to you all as I have stated more than once (1, 2, 3…) my intention to continue living with my parents through the end of the year, when I expected […]

May 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

I apologize for my tardiness. Between the end of classes and being out of town, this just wasn’t the priority it should have been. To the numbers… Account Debt Debt (7/1/19) Min. Payment Interest Rate Private Student Loan 1 $0.00 -$10,231.32 $110.46 0.000% Private Student Loan 3 -$4,307.78 -$12,580.49 $153.82 6.620% Private Student Loan 4 […]

Easier said than done…

The Universe, life, God, or whatever your existential bent may be, frequently tests your commitment to any plans, goals, or values you dare to speak aloud. Less than a week ago, in April 2021 – Life Update, I stated: 5) Consulting Work – This continues to be a balancing act. I have accepted a second […]

April 2021 – Life Update

Once again, I have been missing in action in terms of posting. However, to be fair, I did try to set expectations for this in March when I shared that April was going to be a brutal month on all fronts… 1) Applying to medical school – In terms of completing the final prerequisites for […]

April 2021 – Student Loan Balance(s) Update

Nothing worthy of a preamble. To the numbers… Account Debt Min. Payment Interest Rate Private Student Loan 1 $0.00 $110.46 0.000% Private Student Loan 3 -$6,136.07 $153.82 6.620% Private Student Loan 4 -$9,549.80 $245.40 3.750% Private Student Loan 2 -$7,046.73 $93.30 5.120% Federal Student Loan 1 -$21,440.37 $0.00 6.800% Federal Student Loan 2 -$13,946.84 $0.00 […]

April 2021 Budget

As promised, my April 2021 budget. Usually, I’d just drop this here and say the budget is pretty self-explanatory but a lot has changed since my last posted budget in December 2020 (apartment flooded and I moved in with my parents) so I will try to succinctly review those changes below… Income The biggest change […]

The so-called “Boomerang Child”

Oooooo-kay. It has been some time since I posted a budget. There was some laziness at the beginning of winter, followed by the unexpected flooding of my apartment, and me moving out of my apartment and moving in with my parents. The winter was…eventful, but I am looking forward to spring. Because my finances have […]


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